Networking Salon/Cider Share

Cider Share

This year’s CiderCON has a scheduled time and place to share your ciders with distributors and colleagues. This great event will give you an opportunity to network with your ciders in hand. To make the event work well we ask that you please read the details below carefully and adhere to what is asked.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 6:00 to 7:30 PM – Welcome Reception/Cider Share
Location: Grand Ballroom, Hilton Portland

This is an informal gathering of peers and distributors.

      • Cups will be provided and only 3oz tastes are allowed to be poured.
      • Bottles & cans are only allowed – NO Kegs.
      • You will be responsible to bring in your own bottles & cans, recycle used containers (in marked areas) and take out any unopened/resealed bottles out with you.
      • Bring NO more than a 6 bottles or cans total regardless of format.
      • Please chill your ciders in your room (if desired) as no ice or containers will be provided or allowed for chilling.

Bringing Cider to CiderCON
You must RSVP during the registration process in order to participate. We will provide detailed information on Oregon beverage requirements to those who respond. We ask that each company/producer bring no more than 1 case of cider to CiderCON and into the hotel. Any individuals or companies asked to participate in tasting sessions will be contacted separately on cider quantities and shipment instructions.