New cider association Formation

Draft Proposal for a new national cider association

Below is the draft mission statement for the proposed 501C 6 national cider association. The Seed Group invites comment on the mission statement, proposed membership structure and tentative dues structure. We want to hear from all cider-makers around the country.

The work of the Seed Group has centered on some basic premises:

  1. This is an organization of United States Licensed Winery Members who predominately produce cider as defined by the TTB.
  2. The structure is one license, one vote and thus will not be disproportionately dominated by large producers.
  3. Rate structure is progressive

The next steps involve developing a more detailed outline of the group’s structure. The Seed Group will work on a basic structure, including by-laws, dues, and officers, to be presented electronically in advance of February’s Cider Conference in Chicago. Our hope would be to leave Chicago with the organization formed.

Because there are so many individuals involved, please do not edit the proposed mission. If you have any ideas to offer that would affect our process, please include these in the comments below.

All best,

The Seed Group
Brad Page, Dan Rowell, and Corrie Wolosin


Draft Cider Association Proposal open for comment 


United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) is an organization of cider and perry producers in the United States. It gathers and shares information about cider production, cider regulations, and cider apple growing, to help members improve their operations and advance cider in the market. comment


Cidery Member: TTB Licensed Winery with at least 75% of total liquid volume production dedicated to cider as defined by the TTB. comment


  • Grower Member: Orchardists growing fruit for cider production
  • Winery Member: TTB Licensed Winery with less than 75% of total liquid volume production dedicated to cider as defined by the TTB.
  • Associate Members: Allied Trade members, individuals or students.  (This would accommodate broader cider industry, press, students and other interested parties.) comment

Recommended Membership Dues:

  • >100,000 gallons:   $1,000
  • >50,000 to 99,999:  $750
  • >25,000 to 49,999:  $375
  • <24,999                   $175 comment

Recommended Board of Directors structure, to be selected in Chicago:

  1. East
  2. South
  3. Midwest
  4. West
  5. At-Large Member
  6. At-Large Member
  7. At-Large Member comment